What happened to the Atlanta Hawks Bid?

I haven’t written a single verse on my blog for about a month and feels like an eternity in our cyber world. I’m focusing a little more time on reading a few books on investing so that I can share with you great information on how to invest in my following blogs.
At any rate……does anybody know the outcome of the purchase of the Atlanta Hawks? Who bought the hawks, what happened to all the hype surrounding all these black entrepreneurs buying the hawks?…..when I heard the news on ESPN, I was very excited to see more black athletes getting more involved in the purchasing of sports businesses . For the first time in a long time I see more African Americans wanting for full ownership and not just a percentage of the team. I know what you are going to say how about Michael Jordan and the Bobcats but that’s only one person from all the wealthy black athletes in the NFL, NBA and the MLB.

A few years back our community was excited to hear that Jay-Z was buying the NETS but we didn’t know that it was only maybe 3% ownership of the team. We have the capability and the experience we are on the courts and on the fields day in and day out so what is stopping us?
I want us to take it a little further and buy franchise teams and get the percentage ownership mentality out of our heads.
Now back to the Atlanta Hawks. I was not too enthused about Grant Hill and his bid for the Hawks but when I heard about Hank Aaron bidding for them, I paid a little more attention to ESPN. Don’t get me wrong, Grant Hill is a savvy entrepreneur he has my full support but I feel like after he lost the bidding war the Clippers to Steve Ballmer I don’t think he is taking this bidding seriously.sunday-aaronjpg-d13503776f33a0e2_large

Grant HillHank Aaron is a smart businessman who unlike most African American athletes filing bankruptcy after retiring from professional sport. After a historic two-decade run of slugging in which he shattered Babe Ruth’s all-time record by hitting 755 home runs, Aaron has ‎spent much of his post-playing career as a baseball executive as well overseeing a business portfolio which manages about 755 restaurants and numerous car dealerships. Sources say Aaron’s devotion to Atlanta as a city and his longstanding fondness for the Hawks as a basketball fan led him to join this group of bidders.
I hope Hank Aaron wins the Atlanta bid; this way will have more African Americans getting more involved in the Sports business rather than being spectators.