Every Civilization in the World has a Source and a Beginning

I am proud believer that everything in this world has been written and that there is a source and a beginning to everything.
The Romans were highly influenced by the Greeks especially in the areas of trade, banking, administration, art, literature, philosophy and earth science but where did the Greeks get this knowledge from? During the Greek Dark ages Egypt was the greatest center of education of the ancient world.

EgyptThe civilization that built the Sphinx, raised the pyramids and built the world’s first library also produced the world’s first physician; created Geometry and Astronomy we are talking dynasties before the Pythagorean Theorem was ever written. Egyptians were the ones that passed knowledge to the Greeks. Greek students flocked to Egypt for the sole purpose of getting education. They came to Africa as students over 2,500 years ago to discover what Africans already knew. Writing, science, medicine, and religion were already a part of the Egyptian civilization. History had already been documented thousands of years before Herodotus (The so-called ‘Father of History’) was even born. Herodotus, Plato, Socrates, and other Greek Philosophers…were all students of African priests. Egyptian PharoeThough most of us Africans of the Americas came from the regions of West of Africa we must appreciate every civilization in Africa the same way the Brits studied the Greeks and the Romans we must study it is crucial to study every aspect of the African continent.